11 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

Kaçkar Mountains northeast of Anatolia and the Black Sea is quite steep terrain are not established with sufficient information about the history of Rize. Agglutinative language first of the tribes living in the region of Rize, Asyanik tribes. BC for the first time the name of the region to pass a written source Became the 8th century. Age in the region date to the start of a, for the first time that the region is with a written sources. Therefore, as for the first Çoruh lengths and Rize region, Urartu II.Sardur 's, M.Ö.765 of Kars in north, the rocks above the kazdırdığı Cildir Stone Bridge Village of Lake in the south of the cuneiform inscriptions,' Kulki / Kulkha 'In the past, after the Greek sources, the' Kolk-Koldit'lerden are discussed. This cuneiform inscription, written in the name of the region where the source is passed for the first time.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Komninoslu Komninoslardan is married and a mother born, Turabozan Tekfurluk Akkoyunlu Sultan Uzun Hasan who was an ally, despite the army of the summer of 1461, the most recent Takvur surrendered without a battle. Previously most of the Greeks in the city and surrounding a portion of the Rum village, migrated to Crimea, where they settled in, the Crimean port city of Venice and the Genoese and taken 1475, when the first revaluation, their "Turabuzoniyan" he is seen writing. The same in 1461, in the east to the far places into his mouth, and in Rize Coruh conquered without a battle, are all here, the newly established "Turabozan Flag" to the başlandı.şehir and towns as a voluntary exile, and Corum, Amasya, Tokat and Samsun in 1464 as the Turks brought exempt from taxes until placed.
War of independence won and the board of the Republic of Turkey, Rize Artvin province took the name combined with Çoruh. Rize Province in April 1924 alone was more then 20. Great leader Ataturk arrived to Rize on September 17, 1924 after an official visit was in the home of Mehmet Mataraci. This house remains open to day visitors as Atatürk's House Museum. Were made for the development of various undertakings in the Republic of Rize. One of them is the time of the Ottoman Government to a foreign firm constructed Adobe Web-Erzurum-Rize highway project. People for many years worked as a volunteer for the construction of this road. Governor A. Ekrem Engur time (1930-1935) to work with new groups were moving ceremony in front of the county. After the introduction of tea production in 1937 increased by local people an economic stake.
Eastern Black Sea houses to houses in other parts of the country varies according to. While the most important rooms in place of the Turkish house, the house of the Black Sea aşhanedir. Aşhane kitchen part of the current sense. Aşhane passed this place everyday life in homes. two side entrance can be accessed at this location, aşhaneyi across the floor with a belt that is located in the hearth. In addition, this space is the place where life and greeting sites, the transition from school shelves with embroidery. In the region, said the stove as a screen aşhanedeki belt. And the low arch in the form of stone. From the top is open and in the middle of a large chimney, where the boiler is on the fire and a thick iron chain hung a large (klemuri) are on the walls. A large carved wooden cupboards and shelves are decorated with expertly. The deeper the color of the chestnut tree is often used as building materials over time.